Healthy & Beauty

Could this be Japan's own method
for promoting health?
Shochu has zero carbs and is low in calories.

Healthy & Beauty

Japan's "DAREYAME" culture of relieving
fatigue is more than just a custom.
Shochu is said to have
many health benefits, as well!


One secret to shochu's popularity is that it
has zero carbs and is low in calories.
Shochu is perfect even if you're dieting!

zero Carbs and zero Purine and Low calorie

Comparison of calories and carbs with equivalent amounts of other alcohol.

Carbohydrates and so on are removed during the distillation process used in making shochu. Compared to other alcoholic beverages,shochu is also low in calories. Still, vigilance is a must--you don't want to add those calories back by eating too much!


Shochu can help prevent strokes?
Oddly enough,
it can help thin the blood.

Experiment to Activate
Thrombolic Enzymes

Each group consisted of members aged 20-48.
Alcohol consumption per person of 30-60 ml.

Thrombosis is an obstruction of the blood vessels. It can cause strokes and other cerebrovascular disease as well as heart disease. A proper quantity of shochu, however, can activate what are called thrombolic enzymes, recognized as being effective in thinning the blood.