A must-see video channel for those looking to enjoy shochu and Japan's dareyame culture.
Watch and get the most out of your next "Let's Dareyame!" experience in Japan.

DARE-CHAN #01On a Pub Crawl to Enjoy Japanese Izakaya

Originally from Canada but based now in Fukuoka, Micaela takes us on a pub crawl of some of the Daimyo neighborhood's izakaya.
Along the way, she teaches us some of the basic phrases and everyday situations encountered in these Japanese-style pubs, while showing us some of the fun ways to enjoy shochu.

DARE-CHAN #02The Surprising, Unrevealed World of Shochu

Foreigners find Japanese shochu culture endlessly surprising. American talent Bobby Judo tells us about some of the differences in drinking culture between Japan and the West, and rediscovers the appeal of shochu through those differences.


What are you looking forward to in Japan? The food, the castles, the hot springs--no doubt you hope to enjoy all the unique culture the country has to offer. We'd like you to add one more item to your list: Shochu. Not sake, which is brewed, but Japan's own distilled liquor. While still not widely known elsewhere, in Japan it has been enjoyed since antiquity. Different ways of drinking shochu can be matched to the season, or to your meal, and it can be made from rice, wheat, sweet potatoes, and other ingredients.
A perfect way to experience Japan. We hope you'll try it! For now, take this brief journey to the land of shochu.