Social Media Policy

Force beginning: November 19, 2021

Kirishima Shuzo Co., Ltd. and Kirishima Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter collectively the "Company") have established the following "Kirishima Shuzo Social Media Policy" (the "Policy") on the operation of official social media accounts and the use of social media by Company employees, and will comply with the Policy.

  • 1. How to act when using social media
    • -The Company will comply with laws and regulations and this Policy in its use of social media.
    • -The Company will listen to the statements of other users.
    • -The Company is aware that information sent to the Internet can be accessed by an unspecified number of users, that once information is sent, it cannot be completely deleted, and that the information sent by individuals belonging to the Company can be evaluated by the Company, and we are constantly aware of our need to act responsibly.
  • 2. To social media users
    • -The Company assumes no responsibility for any damages whatsoever arising out of your use of social media or being unable to use social media for any reason.
    • -Please be aware in advance that statements made by Company employees and other related parties on social media do not necessarily represent the official views of the Company.
      Please refer to the Company's website and news releases for official statements and releases.

    Force beginning:June 7, 2021

The following official account guidelines ("these Guidelines") have been established for the social media accounts ("Official Accounts") managed by the Company. In order to achieve better communication, you are requested to read and understand the information before use.

  • 1. Compliance with the Terms of Use and these Guidelines

    Those persons who use Official Accounts ("Users") are required to comply with the terms of use and these Guidelines (including community guidelines for Official Accounts that have separate community guidelines) set forth by each social media platform. The "Use of the Company's Official Accounts" means the act of posting (comments, photos, videos, links, and other content) on the Company's Official Accounts.

  • 2. Access to basic information

    When a User uses Official Accounts, they shall allow other users to access their name, profile picture, gender, network, user ID, and any other publicly available information registered on their SNS. In the event that the Company judges the content of a comment to be inappropriate, the Company may block access to Official Accounts, posting of comments, or other activities without the consent of the User.

  • 3. Disclaimers
    • -The Company assumes no responsibility for any content posted by users.
    • -We will not be able to respond to all of the postings and direct messages we receive from users.
    • -The Company assumes no responsibility for any damages caused by problems between users or between users and any third parties.
    • -Users shall confirm that any text, software, music, sound, photos, graphics, video, page layout, design, or any other content posted by Users to Official Accounts is protected by copyright, trademark, service mark rights, patent rights, or other proprietary rights and laws of the respective owners before posting.
    • -The Company, as the operator, assumes no responsibility for any damages incurred by you by using Official Accounts or by being unable to use the account for any reason.
      Also, we are unable to answer inquiries regarding the system operational status of each social media platform, technical questions, or questions regarding software features or usage by using these services.
    • -The operation of Official Accounts may be terminated or deleted without notice.
  • 4. Deletions

    We request that you do not make any postings to Official Accounts that fall under the following reasons for deletions. The Company reserves the right to remove such postings as necessary.

    • -Posting of writing or URLs for commercial purposes by the contributor himself/herself or for a third party
    • -Writing that is libelous, defamatory, or offensive to public order and morals
    • -Writing that infringes on the rights of others (copyrights, trademarks, portrait rights, etc.)
    • -An expression that makes other users uncomfortable (obscene, violent, cruel, discriminatory, etc.)
    • -Behavior that interferes with the smooth operation of the site or causes inconvenience to others
    • -An expression of personal experiences, impressions, or unsubstantiated rumors that may be misleading to everyone
    • -Writing of a political or religious nature
    • -Writing of private information (the Individual or others' email addresses, phone numbers, addresses, etc.)
    • -Writing using another person's name or handle, so-called "spoof" writing
    • -Names of other companies, names of other companie's products, or expressions comparing other companies, etc.
    • -Anything for promotional or solicitation purposes such as advertisements, affiliate programs, etc.
    • -Behavior such as posting or transmitting harmful computer programs, etc.
    • -Unauthorized uploading of copyrighted software
    • -Anything with signatures or legal notices removed
    • -Anything that violates the concept of proper drinking (see matters concerning alcohol-related submissions here)
    • -Anything that contains content unrelated to the Official Accounts
    • -Content judged to be in violation of the terms of use of each social media platform
    • -Other matters judged inappropriate by the Company in the management of Official Accounts
  • 5. Precautions concerning matters concerning the contents and information
    • -Copyrights and other rights to the posts and comments distributed from Official Accounts, including images and videos, belong to Company and other right holders recognized by Company.
    • -Information posted by users to Official Accounts, such as comments, images, and videos, may be published in printed materials or on websites for the purpose of advertising, publicity, or promotion of use without the approval of users by the Company.
      Note, in this case, the Company assumes no obligation to display the user name of the original posting.
      Also, even if the submitted content is similar to a product that the Company will develop, release, or sell in the future, the person posting the content will not receive any compensation or any rights associated with the development of the product.
    • -No guarantee is made as to the accuracy or completeness of information posted or commented on by Official Accounts.
      Please be aware that the contents provided on the Company's Official Accounts may be changed, added, or canceled without prior notice.
  • 6. Precautions concerning alcohol-related postings

    The Company views promoting responsible drinking as a social responsibility and advises its users to observe responsible drinking on its Official Accounts as well.
    In addition to the deletion items set forth in these Guidelines, we reserve the right to delete any postings that fall under or may fall under any of the following.

    • 1.When a person under 20 years of age is (or is believed to be) under the influence of alcohol
    • 2.When alcohol consumption under the age of 20 is encouraged
    • 3.When excessive or irresponsible alcohol consumption is encouraged
    • 4.When alcohol consumption is encouraged during driving, mechanical work, or other work requiring concentration, or immediately after various types of exercise
    • 5.When one rebukes those who do not drink
    • 6.When drinking is encouraged during pregnancy and lactation
    • 7.When judged to fall under the category of food and beverages related to illegal or anti-social activities
    • 8.When the Company judges that it is otherwise inappropriate for the operation of Official Accounts
  • 7. Modification of these Guidelines

    The Company reserves the right to modify these Guidelines at any time without the consent of the User.

  • 8. Privacy Policy

    When personal information is obtained from the User, it will be managed appropriately based on the Company's Personal Information Protection Policy and handling of Personal Information, etc.
    Privacy Policy

  • 9. Inquiries concerning Official Accounts

    For inquiries regarding the Official Account, please contact us at the inquiry desk below.

    [Inquiry Desk]
    4-28-1 Shimokawahigashi, Miyakonojo, Miyazaki Prefecture, 885-8588, JAPAN
    Kirishima Shuzo Co., Ltd. Customer Service Center
    (For contact details, please refer to the Inquiry Form.)