What's SHOCHU?

What makes shochu taste so good?
Why the Japanese find shochu so appealing?

What's SHOCHU?

Why is shochu so popular?
How is it different from other alcoholic
beverages around the world?
In this section, we've analyzed shochu
from a variety of angles.

Majority in Japan

While sake is well-known outside of
Japan, shochu is by far the more
popular beverage in Japan itself.

Most people have probably heard of sake, but have never heard
of shochu. Still, among many Japanese people today, shochu is
the beverage of choice.

Comparison of sake and shochu consumption(kℓ)

other world Spirits

What alcoholic beverages
around the world are
similar to shochu?

To give you a more concrete idea
of what shochu is, we gathered
a sample of alcoholic beverages
around the world that are
produced using similar methods.
Does this make shochu a little more familiar to you?

The Honkaku Shochu production process.