The Culinary

Shochu culture has always been accompanied by food.
Try pairing a Kirishima Shuzo’s Honkaku Shochu with the delicious cuisine of Kyushu.

With its rich natural environment and long history of interaction with foreign countries, Kyushu offers a unique and varied food culture.
These time-honored flavors continue to be appreciated and passed down to this day.

  • FukuokaMotsu (offal)
    hot pot
  • SagaHot Spring
    Heated Tofu
  • NagasakiKarasumi
    (dried mullet roe)
  • KumamotoKarashi renkon
    (Japanese mustard-stuffed lotus root)
  • OitaSuppon
    (soft-shelled turtle)
    hot pot
  • MiyazakiCharcoal-grilled
  • KagoshimaTonkotsu
    (seasoned pork ribs)
  • OkinawaAbasaa jiru
    (porcupinefish soup)