The product of a people, a climate and a culture.

Since our founding, we at Kirishima Shuzo have placed the greatest importance on showing love for the people and these lands, and sharing their affection in return.

Our ingredients are local, the bounty of nature found here in Southern Kyushu.

Our innovative technology has been handed down from person to person and refined with each generation.

Our richly varied local cuisine features time-honored flavors and methods still loved today.
And always, there is the joy of the table, surrounded by friends.

Whatever the meal and whomever the company, our goal is to continue to offer the shochu that makes such times truly delicious and enjoyable.

A people, a climate and a culture—the embodiment of the quality we value so highly.

The finest ingredients, nurtured by time and the blessings of nature.

The cold, clear waters of the Shirasu Plateau, nurtured over 2,500 years.

Sweet potatoes, cultivated in fertile soil and ideal for creating Honkaku Shochu.

This unique local climate and culture, developed over centuries, produces the finest ingredients,
which in turn go into the quality and flavor that is Kirishima Shuzo.

The Culture

In Pursuit of the Finest-tasting Shochu

We carry on the passion of our founder, taking on innovative challenges through the introduction of advanced production technology and the development of new types of shochu, such as our health-conscious Kenreishu series.

The Collection The People

Shochu is always accompanied by food and laughter.

We believe the culture of shochu goes hand-in-hand with our food culture.

Kirishima Shuzo’s Honkaku Shochu brings out the best in seasonal flavors from the mountains and the sea, while bringing out smiles among those who gather to enjoy them.

The Culinary Tradition LET's DAREYAME!

We are sustained by the natural bounty of Southern Kyushu, and return that sustenance.

By-products of shochu production, such as shochu lees and potato leavings are recycled to generate energy, part of our proactive participation in local environmental conservation efforts.

Having taken our name from Mount Kirishima, a local symbol, we believe it is our duty to see that these individual activities help protect our local environment and lead to the production of quality ingredients.

The bounty we receive from nature, we return to nature as we craft each delicious glass of shochu.

The Culture